Things to be grateful for

This is not a full blog post, but simply a list following on from my post on How to love your life (or start appreciating it more)… If you’re struggling to think of things to be grateful for, here are some helpful categories and trigger words for you to base your thankful thoughts on;


Family – amazing parents, values, support, guidance, nourishment, unconditional love
Friends – laughs, support, advice, happiness, love, kindness
Work colleagues – teamwork, support, network, guidance, helpfulness, kindness, patience
Partner – tolerance, love, patience, kisses, hugs, kindness, support


Morning – sunrise, sunshine, brightness, nourishing rain, fluffy clouds, blue sky, new day, birds, colours, flowers, trees, smells, vibrant
Evening – dusk, pink sky, orange glow, sunset, fireflies, birdsong, pastel colours
Night – stars, moon, night sky, crisp chilly air, foxes, owls
Winter – snow, white, festive, bare trees, ice, white sky, silent snowfall, peaceful
Summer – berries, colours, rainbows, sunshine, floral, pools, warmth, holidays


Senses – smell, see, taste, touch, hear
Organs – working well, protecting, looking after, kidneys, heart, liver, bladder, brain…
Health – cells, alive, awake, protecting, nourishing, fighting, immune system
Ability – walk, run, move limbs, use fingers, toes, breathe, move, dance, run, jump…


Food and Drink

Water – clean, fresh, cold, healthy, nourishing
Restaurants – selection of food, menu, different choice, flavours, spices
Home – fridge, freezer, cupboards, cooking equipment


Tasks – what you enjoy, are good at, are praised for
People – support network, happiness, tolerance, guidance
Building – colours, senses, place, space, surroundings

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Remember to practice gratitude every day and love the life you live!

Amber x



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