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A few of you lovely ladies have been in touch on Instagram when I post about my Glasglow Girls Club (GGC) rose gold keyring asking just what is it exactly?! And what is the GGC?! I don’t want any of you missing out, and I know that founder of the GGC, Laura Maginess definitely doesn’t want you missing out! So let me tell you a little bit about it, and how I’ve used my membership so far! Lets start at the beginning…

A bit about the Glasglow Girls Club (GGC)

Laura initially set up the GGC as a Facebook group in 2016 – or club – aimed at women across our city, who could share tips on business and life in general, showcase ourselves, ask for advice and as a forum for us all to chum up as Glasgow gals. As the Facebook group states; A forum for Glasgow girls to come together & share recommendations & ideas, network & connect with like-minded ladies & to promote their own businesses – making sure we get the most out of life in our city. A revolutionary idea from the lovely Laura. Now just shy of 12,500 members… yup, that’s right… Twelve. And. A. Half. THOUSAND members, ladies from across Glasgow know that the GGC is the go-to place for pretty much anything. Need a make up artist for 9am tomorrow? GGC! Stuck for ideas about where to hold your engagement party? GGC! Need a re-vamp of your wardrobe? GGC! Want to re-brand your business? GGC! So you hear me? The Glasglow Girls Club is where it’s at (so much so that when I type Glasgow into my phone it automatically changes it to GLASGLOW!) Laura’s club is successful in bringing together Glasgow ladies and helping them really let their inner glow shine. Her empire is growing and her visions of women supporting women are coming true, now with many businesses in Glasgow on board, in partnership and promoting the GGC. The events run by Laura are unique and an amazing chance to network, especially if you are a small business or individual looking to ‘grow and glow’ as the GGC motto states, or even gain some confidence, skills or contacts in similar businesses. In 2018, the club took a huge turn with a variety of different events and the launch of the Glasglow Girls Club membership, in the form of a shiny, beautiful rose-gold keyring.

My experience as part of the GGC

Joining the Facebook group

I initially joined the Facebook group in either 2016 or 2017, I can’t honestly remember but I can remember thinking that it was such a good idea to have a central hub with ladies from the same city sharing ideas, experiences and really selling their own businesses. In 2018, when I started seeing events popping up, I was really interested and knew I wanted to be part of this expanding network of amazing ladies!

Going to events

I have been to many events with the GGC that range from watching movies with other members to working on improving myself and my wellbeing. Through these events I have met many strong, influential women who I am now proud to call my friends! I couldn’t possibly speak about every single event, but I have been to events such a meditation workshop with the lovely Christine Friel McGrory – all about how to find your inner peace, release negative energy and feel positive about yourself. Christine and her daughter Megan are founders of The Key programme and introduced us all to techniques including visualisation, in order to reach our full potential and goals. I loved going to the Urban Retreat at The Academy Make up masterclass and learning new make up skills, spending time with fabulous ladies and eating cakes and drinking tea – what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I went to a workshop with Kirsty-Anne Rae who is a life coach, and we visualised and wrote down techniques how to make 2019 our best year yet! There have been many events with Fake Bake as well including the Elf Christmas Movie Night!! These events are great for networking and meeting like-minded people that become friends. The GGC have various networking events that take place in the form of ‘speed-networking’, lunches or meet ups and are so beneficial whether you’re looking at working on yourself for your business. Laura often posts links where to get your tickets on the GGC Facebook page. What I say in 2019 is click on the link, get your tickets and go along! I went to the first one alone and have now met friends that I can go along with, everyone is so lovely and will talk to you – nobody will ever leave you feeling on your own. What’s the best part? With your GGC rose gold keyring you can get discount on tickets to these events!

Becoming a member of The GGC (and the rose gold keyring!)

The really exciting part! I became a member in December 2018 when Laura launched the Glasglow Girls Club rose gold keyring. There is a yearly membership fee that includes your exclusive, easily identifiable keyring which unlocks exclusive offers and deals across the city and you can choose between personal or business membership, each having slightly different variations to membership details. What’s important to note is that you can be a member of the Facebook page without being a member of the website but the benefits of having a keyring are amazing and I’ve been taking full advantage of my keyring already! It also feels like your part of an elite club – who knows when you might be out and about in the city and spot another gal with a shiny keyring – instant pals!! It’s also amazing to know that £2 from every membership goes to Social Bite, a charity focussed on eradicating homelessness in Scotland and alleviating social problems.

To give you a little insight into what you can do with your membership, here are 5 places I have either used my keyring in or that I have been to and you can use yours in;


Right in the heart of Merchant City, this Scottish restaurant has quickly become a Glasgow favourite! Specialising in Scottish cuisine, playing Scottish music from a range of brilliant bands and singers while creating a classy and relaxing atmosphere, Mharsanta (pronounced ‘Var-Santa’) is the perfect place for meeting with friends, catching some time alone to work, have a business meeting or head out on date night.

Downstairs you will also find The Hideout which is a space full of Scottish art perfect for occasions and events of between 40-50 people… you might even spot GGC founder Laura with her bubblegum pink hair with a top Glasgow Gal as she interviews them for an episode of the Glasglow Girls Club podcast, Mharsanta and The Hideout are favourite spots for podcast chatting!

Mharsanta also offer a unique little treat, Bubbles & Bites, available Saturday and Sunday between midday and 6pm. It’s their own take on afternoon tea, with sweet and savoury snacks and a glass or two of prosecco – count me in! Great idea if you’re out shopping in Glasgow or fancy a catch up with some friends. Snacks include things like haggis and whisky bon bons, halloumi, mushroom, courgette & red pepper kebabs and mini fish and chips! And for sweet, Scottish of course – tablet, shortbread and macaroons! Mouth. Is. Watering.

Glasglow Girls Club members receive 25% off from Sun-Fri just by showing their rose gold keyring!!!!

Kirsty Anne Rae (coach, speaker and trainer)

I instantly loved Kirsty Anne Rae’s enthusiasm, positivity and energy when I attended the ‘Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet’ workshop, and decided to book an appointment with her for a session. She is a life coach, trainer and motivational speaker and she really sits and listens to you and turns your focus to what’s important, what you have to do to get where you want to be and sets goals and targets for you to reach. She is interested in everything you say and has a passion for helping you live your best life!!

I visited her in her cosy little workspace for the first time two weeks ago (along with my trusty gold keyring) and it was a delight! A cosy fire, a lovely rug, books and comfy chairs. She spoke about goals, what I want to achieve, where I see myself and how to get there. Kirsty Anne Rae honestly helped me see myself in ways I hadn’t before and showed me how to best showcase myself and self-sell!

We did visualisation techniques and she gave me ideas that I never would have had before, it was so worth speaking to her and seeing her. So much so, I’ve booked back in this week!

Your GGC keyring entitles you to a complimentary 2 hour session and then 20% off one to one sessions

The Academy of Clinical Training

One of my favourite little spots in Cumbernauld, Urban Retreat is where I go for massages, I’ve been for a make up masterclass and also to get my hair up! The Academy of Clinical Training is based here too and this is where you can get amazing deals with your keyring! The Academy offer accredited beauty training courses across the UK, so whether you’re in the hair & beauty industry or looking for a new career, there is a course perfect for you! From eyelash extensions to nails, their courses are suitable for therapists, lecturers, college students, salon owners or people who want a change. There are even courses you can do with your friends or on your own!

One of the newest and loveliest training academies and situated right on Broadwood Loch, The Academy has a spa-like feel to it instead of feeling clinical and bare, and the staff are just so friendly and will always greet you with a smile and a chat. The warm, welcoming atmosphere makes all the difference and I am so glad I found this place – so if you’re looking at taking a course where you can earn accreditation, The Academy of Clinical Training is the place to be! The team are amazing!

With your keyring you get 20% off all courses!

Fake Bake

My favourite tan ever! I rely on Fake Bake tan so much, tanning once or twice a week. My favourite tan is Gold – a black bottle with gold branding. This tan comes out as a liquid spray and the nozzle is small so just the right amount comes out at a time, it doesn’t come out like a spray tan, its more liquid-like and some out coloured so you can see where the tan is being applied to. As soon as you put the tan on you can see that it is a gorgeous glowing colour and the liquid being coloured allows you to see exactly where the tan is on your body and where to blend it. The smell of Fake Bake Gold is just delicious and it pretty much dries almost instantly, doesn’t stain sheets and gives the most natural colour! I love Fake Bake Flawless and also the new Double Dark as well as their coconut body moisturiser – the products are amazing, the tan fades naturally and the moisturiser locks in the colour – I honestly would never look back or use any other tan now. The Fake Bake team are all so amazing as well and the partnership they have with the GGC is exceptional – so many amazing events have been held with the power combo!

With your GGC keyring, you can enjoy 20% off all products 

The Glasgow Gin

I just love gin and I remember first trying this when it launched in 2017 and being blown away! It’s quite sherbet-like, and as they say, “it’s pure gallus and we love it!” 

It’s just amazing that our wonderful city finally has its own identifiable gin, complete with the classic Duke of Wellington statue with the cone on his head! The bottle itself is just beautiful and so Glasgow, and the gin itself is amazing! Bursting with personality, it’s fruity, it’s light, it’s ours! The quadruple-distilled pure grain spirit is made from 100% wheat and is then redistilled using ten flavoursome botanicals creating a gin of outstanding taste and smoothness, just like us weegies!!

One of my favourite new gins, you have to try it!

With your keyring you are entitled to 20% off online with The Glasgow Gin 

Some other places you can use your keyring include…

Blythswood Square Hotel Spa & Restaurant (I’m actually going to book my mum and I in for a spa day soon!)

House of LBD


Moya Wren Permanent Cosmetics (Moya tatted my brows!)

The Entertainer App

to name a few… there are so many more businesses you can benefit from using your keyring! So what are you waiting for?

Second batch of memberships are released in February so head on over to to register and find out more – come on, be part of our club… look at what you’re missing!! **Heart eye emojis!!**

Lots of love

Amber Zoe x




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