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The club putting the GLOW in Glasglow

A few of you lovely ladies have been in touch on Instagram when I post about my Glasglow Girls Club (GGC) rose gold keyring asking just what is it exactly?! And what is the GGC?! I don’t want any of you missing out, and I know that founder of the GGC, Laura Maginess definitely doesn’t want you missing out! So let me tell you a little bit about it, and how I’ve used my membership so far! Lets start at the beginning…

How to love your life (or start appreciating it more)…

Let’s face it, in 2017 I bet you feel that there are so many things occupying your mind daily that sometimes it can be hard to feel like you are achieving, you are happy, content and completely in love with your life? I thought that too, until I found how to love my life by slowing down, living in the present moment and most importantly – how to be grateful. 

I get it; you have bills to pay, you have a car to run, you have kids to take care of, pets to look after, relatives who are unwell, your own body to nurture, food to buy, chores to do, unfinished work, new things you want to buy – it can be easy to weigh yourself down mentally with unhappy thoughts. It’s like dominos; one negative thought leads to another…and another…and another. It’s a pattern that can spiral out of control and leave you feeling gloomy, but you can control it and completely turn your life around (or at least make it easier) by having a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and by being grateful for what you have.

Let me share with you how practicing gratitude has changed and continues to change my life with every new day.