Amber’s Diary: Captain America, Cars & Kids parties!

Let’s face it, my life is never ‘normal’ – in the best way possible! It’s been a completely hectic few weeks, hence why this is a late fortnights-worth of diaries crammed into one! I’ve chosen a few of the highlights of the past 2 weeks to share with you, which includes getting stuck in at my new weekend job hosting kids parties, finally getting my new car and walking round Glasgow dressed in a (very tight) Captain America costume….

Captain America!

Friday 5th May welcomed Radio Clyde Cash for Kids annual Superhero Day! This year we took the whole daytime line up on the station to ‘Superhero HQ’ which was the Grand Central hotel! It was amazing to meet so many listeners who came along to donate and show support for our amazing charity.

As usual, I wanted to dress up… does that surprise you?! In the past I’ve been my own handmade ‘Cash for Kids girl’, Catwoman and last year Supergirl. If you need to refresh your memory of my Supergirl challenges (which I do NOT want reminded of!), have a look at when I conquered a huge fear of mine, here.

This year I went for…. dun dun duuuuuuuunnn….. Miss Captain America! Thanks to Dazzle Fancy Dress in Hamilton for my fabulous costume and for providing my radio husband, Home Run presenter Grant Thomson with a Mr Captain America costume too!

I loved my costume and completely forgot that I was walking around Glasgow making my way to the Grand Central wearing it – the sun was splitting the trees and I was almost splitting the seams of the costume! Not only did the sun mean that I was roasting but the very shiny material was extra shiny in the sunshine and I looked like a beam of light walking in the centre of town blinding everyone! The costume was amazing but because it was tight-fitting it definitely made going to the toilet a whole lot more difficult than usual…!

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It was so much fun throughout the whole day and the ‘People Make Glasgow’ motto has never been truer after receiving almost £4,000 from an anonymous donor! Thank you SO much! The total for this year’s Radio Clyde Cash for Kids Superhero Day was £55,367 and we couldn’t have down it without your help, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We love you, people of Glasgow and the West.

My new car!

I am actually so excited that I now have my very own Mini One! I have wanted one for so long, and after almost 4 years it was time to wave goodbye to the prehistoric Micra. I was buzzing to get the car, and as you can imagine even more buzzed about the DAB digital radio. It’s also got cool mood lights that make it look like a disco-mobile as I’m driving about especially in the dark!

When you work hard for something and finally get it, the sense of achievement is great, but when you go from something dating back to the dinosaur ages such as my little Micra to a car so new – it’s the little things that matter. The fact that I can drive through the Clyde Tunnel now without having to flick my lights on and off manually (because hey – they’re automatic! I know right?!) and I don’t need an FM Transmitter (they still exist) to play my own songs and can get them on my screen right in front of me is something that I’m still in awe of. And that smell! It’s no longer McDonald’s mixed with fading JellyBelly bubblegum air freshener… it smells so new! I am completely in love with it.

Toot Toot!

Kids parties with WAS Events

I’m just loving hosting parties at weekends with WAS Events. WAS Events is a family company that has been running for over 10 years and my cousin, Adam takes charge of the kids side of things. Like I was saying in my last diary entry, it’s something I was really looking at getting into and something I knew I would be good at, and it’s so much fun already!

We do any kind of event for you and can tailor it to what you would like with all of the different packages we offer – such as Adam Tumble, Adam Hatter, 2 Cool for School and Little Belle! There are really so many to choose from.

I have been hosting birthday parties, christenings and communions in various places round Glasgow and the West and I absolutely love meeting new people and seeing the smiles on the kids faces! It’s so much fun and who wouldn’t want to act like a big kid at weekends for a living?!

Here are some pictures of the last few parties we have been at. I would love to eventually get in to the adult and night time side of things because it would just be the best laugh ever and we really do cater for any party, providing fun food like popcorn, hot dogs, slush puppies, candy floss and so much more! Have a look at our Facebook page here and if you’re interested in booking us for a party, give a little message or a call.

I know next week will be a busy one too!

Keep Smiling,

Amber x

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