Fab-yule-us Christmas jumpers for 2017

It’s my favourite time of  the year, and one thing I adore about the festive season is wearing my Christmas jumper… or all 23 of them. You read that right, it’s not a typo. Don’t slag me. I cleared out my wardrobe last night and found 23 of the festive knits, sparkling, flashing and bobbling in all their glory. From reindeer, Christmas puddings, tongue-in-cheek sayings to the big man Santa himself, I have them all. Although I have quite the impressive collection – if I do say so myself – some of them are years old as it’s become my ‘thing’ to collect Crimbo jumpers. I have therefore decided to have a look online and in stores and find you some of my favourite Christmas jumpers this year to give you some inspiration! Here are my top 10, unfortunately I only own 4 of them… for now *wink*…

  1. Prosecco Ho Ho Ho (also in red), Ciara’s Boutique, Cumbernauld – £20
  2. I Sleigh, Princess Angel Star Clothing – £22
  3. GINgle Bells, Of Life and Lemons –  £27.99
  4. Kiss Me Quick, George at ASDA – £16 

5. Sleigh Bells Bling, F+F at Tesco – £14 
6. Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal, PrettyLittleThing.com – £15 

7. XMAS jumper, Boohoo.com – £25 

8. 3D Christmas wreath jumper, Topshop – £55 

9. Dalmatian Jumper, Next – £28 

10. Disco Ball jumper, River Island – £35


If you aren’t as much of a festive elf as me, and don’t wear a Christmas jumper every single day in December and like to keep it for Christmas Day itself, Christmas jumper day in the office or drinks with the girls, then why not join in on Friday 8th December this year and wear your jumper for Cash for Kids Mission Christmas? We are supporting children and families living in poverty across Glasgow and the West and understand that we can’t make it spectacular, but together we are trying to make Christmas Day at least a different day for the 1 in 4 disadvantaged children who through no fault of their own are living in poverty. In some places in Glasgow and the West, this is as high as 1 in 2. The figures are astonishing and upsetting, but the fact is that it’s true and we have to accept that this is happening where we live. It’s not a case of the kids not having the latest gadgets to wake up to on Christmas morning, it’s the cold, hard fact that they don’t have heating, a hot meal or electricity. By texting CLYDE to 70808 and donating £5 you can help a child living in poverty right on our doorstep. A child that might not have a hot meal until they are back to school in the New Year, or a child that doesn’t have a bed to sleep in. The other week we heard a story of a family who had three children and only one was send to school at a time. Eventually the school got in touch and asked why, and it was because the children – three different ages and sizes – only had one pair of shoes between them. As heartbreaking as it is in 2017, this is happening to many families in our local areas and together we really can make a huge difference. Can you imagine the smile on that child’s face, an their parent, when they are able to have a hot meal and a small gift on Christmas Day? If you can afford it, £5 really isn’t much at all and it goes further than I can express.

So join in with us at Radio Clyde and wear your Christmas jumper and donate to Cash for Kids on Friday. Thank you! X

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