What Amber Wore… in Amsterdam (and similar looks for you)!

In my previous post, Four Hours in Amsterdam, I wore a cute lil’ bold skirt with a simple jumper, and when I put it on Instagram a few people messaged asking where it’s from!

The skirt – which as soon as I saw it I thought “I actually HAVE to have this in my wardrobe!” – is from Pretty Little Thing and unfortunately because it is so lush it’s now sold out but the good news is they still have it available in the red and the nude which you can buy here. The Skirts are vinyl and have contrasting block colours – the yellow and red have black and white (the nude has brown and white which is stunning) and then the main colour is at the top creating a bold and very statement look. They are £20 on Pretty Little Thing and worth every penny. The silver zip adds to the look and teamed with a simple tee the skirt looks gorgeous.

If they don’t stock your size in the skirt just now, a really similar one can be found here on Lasula, the chevron skirt is £22 and stunning! The only difference is in the zip detail.

In Amsterdam, I teamed this skirt with a simple yellow turtleneck from H&M. It was a total bargain and was just the right shade of yellow. I tried so many jumpers and tees with the skirt and it was either too canary yellow or too mustard so this was a perfect find!

Because of the black and white detail on the skirt, my Vans were a perfect little addition to the look in the sunshine, and of course – my RayBans!

Because of the different colours in the skirt, it will go perfect with something that matches the statement colour or something black (or brown for the nude skirt) and white like a simple crop top, oversized t shirt tucked in or cute jumper.

Here are a few pieces from the high street that are gonna hopefully inspire you to try a similar look!

£15 Pretty Little Thing
£24 Topshop
£15 I Saw It First












£10 Monki
£30 Missguided
£15 Pretty Little Thing











  £20 Pretty Little Thing
   £12 Misguided
£26 Lasula

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