Wakey Wakey! Playlist

I love mornings. I love waking up early(ish) and getting everything done early before I have to go to my work in the afternoon – making food, going to the gym, taking the dog a walk, visiting people, going to the shops or just chilling. I think it’s really important to get up and seize the day, have a wee hour to myself and get ready, stretch, do some yoga or have breakfast.

People always ask me “how can you be so happy and awake in the mornings?” (even when I get up at 4am to cover shifts on the breakfast show) – and so I’m going to share with you some of my tips for feeling awake and alert in the mornings, starting this week with this one – my ‘Wakey Wakey’ playlist!

You know how it feels when you hear a tune you love and you just wanna dance, I know myself that I go crazy round my room having a boogie and this I think that this is exactly what you need in the morning to boost happiness and get those productive juices flowing. If you get up and go straight into the car/train/bus/walk to wherever you are going, play it then to wake you up, as I do the mornings I’m slightly pushed for time.

There is nothing better than some cheesy breakfast tunes to get you wakened up, whether is a roasting hot sunny morning in the summer (hiiiiiiiighly unlikely in Glasgow), bright but cold, rainy and dull or snow-covered like icing on a Christmas cake, this mix of morning tunes will get you going…

Wakey Wakey! Playlist:

Wake Up Boo! – The Boo Radleys – one of my all-time fave songs EVER and the first song I listen to every morning (seriously).

Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson – such a gorgeous wee song, it makes me feel happy, calm and awake and reminds me of lazy Sundays.

How D’Ya Like Your Eggs in the Morning – Dean Martin with Helen O’Connell – cheesy for a morning playlist, but such a happy wee breakfast song that reminds me of my Grandad.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something – who doesn’t want breakfast at Tiffany’s? Great little sing-along tune to have on while you cook, shower or get ready.

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham! – classic. That is all! Cheese, but fab cheese.

Songbird – Oasis – I have such a passion for Oasis, and I love this sweet little short but perfect song! The songbird wakes us up in the morning, just like this wee tune will.

It’s A Good Day – Peggy Lee – An oldie but it’s sooooo good! And every day is a good day with a positive mindset, so this should set up your day in the right way

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys – to be fair, any Beach Boys song is a great waker-upper! But I love this because it’s sets up good vibrations for the day and gets you dancing!

Best Day Of My Life – American Authors – again, this song really gets you feeling positive and super motivated for the day – believe it’s going to be the best and it will be great!

One Day Like This – Elbow – what a motivational wee tune! Love this, and to be honest when I listen to it I feel like I’m in a movie. It feels like nothing can go wrong that day, and allows me to take in how grateful I am for the world around me as I listen to it and wake up.

There are 10 of my wake up faves… To see the full playlist and even more of my song choices, follow me on Spotify, amberzoe-x

Happy playlisting !

Keep Smiling 🙂

Little Amber Zoe x

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