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You wouldn’t tell someone to put their burger down, so why tell me to eat one?

Why in 2017 are we still obsessed with people’s weight? The issue of ‘fat-shaming’ has had a lot of press recently, the idea of people being made to feel self-conscious, hurt and even depressed because of being overweight. Recently magazines have been filled with celebrities who have been ‘fat-shamed’ and bullied telling us to love ourselves for who we are, embrace our curves and be confident in our own skin – which of course, I am totally rooting for! But coming from the opposite end of the scale (literally)… why do we live in a society where ‘skinny-shaming’ is still ok, when ‘fat-shaming’ is frowned upon?

I think that the reason criticising ‘skinny’ people is not viewed as big of a deal as ‘fat-shaming’ is because being ‘skinny’ is seen as the ideal. But it does not give an excuse for humiliating people because of the weight they carry (or don’t carry) on them.