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My Food Intolerance Test Results

I never needed him to tell me that eating McDonald’s every week was bad for me, even if I didn’t want to hear it, I expected it. But I definitely didn’t expect him to say that my body was intolerant to four of my favourite foods; milk, cheese, hazelnuts and sugar cane. My first thought was “oh my God!! I can’t have Nutella! Or pizza! Or macaroni cheese! It’s almost Easter…! HELP! I CAN’T EAT AGAIN!”

I was calmed by Kyle, food tolerance expert and nutritionist from FIT Scotland who performed the test, who explained that it was simply an intolerance I had to these foods as opposed to an allergy, which is really important to note, as an allergy is very serious and can leave the person who is allergic in a condition where they need to be hospitalised because of the reaction they take. It triggers the immune system and affects multiple organs in the body. An intolerance is how your body reacts to certain substances, so although it’s not necessarily good for your body and can cause symptoms that are uncomfortable, you may be able to eat small amounts of the offending food without trouble.

Let me choose six symptoms; Bloating, headaches, tiredness, water retention, skin problems and anxiety. 

The Big Bad Wolf

Can you imagine you have a huge, angry wolf that follows you around day and night? It never leaves you to sleep well, eat normally or socialise. When you try to act the way you used to with friends and family it makes you tired – a tiredness so severe that it is hard for you to even get up out of your bed in the morning. Can you imagine this wolf hurts your muscles and your joints not once or twice, but throughout the day and night? What about when it’s hungry? It feeds on you. The wolf slowly but surely damages major organs including your kidneys and skin, and it loves the heart, lungs and the brain. Because of this, the wolf causes headaches that are so painful that you cannot see. When you go to work, it is there. When you drive, it is there. In your room, it is there. When you sleep, it lies there.

The Big Bad Wolf is always there. And it is called Lupus.

Flippin’ Fabulous!

Ahh I’m so excited about this! If you’re looking for something to do with the kids in the easter holidays then I think I may have found the perfect place that will keep them amused for hours and (hopefully!) tire them out…

You wouldn’t tell someone to put their burger down, so why tell me to eat one?

Why in 2017 are we still obsessed with people’s weight? The issue of ‘fat-shaming’ has had a lot of press recently, the idea of people being made to feel self-conscious, hurt and even depressed because of being overweight. Recently magazines have been filled with celebrities who have been ‘fat-shamed’ and bullied telling us to love ourselves for who we are, embrace our curves and be confident in our own skin – which of course, I am totally rooting for! But coming from the opposite end of the scale (literally)… why do we live in a society where ‘skinny-shaming’ is still ok, when ‘fat-shaming’ is frowned upon?

I think that the reason criticising ‘skinny’ people is not viewed as big of a deal as ‘fat-shaming’ is because being ‘skinny’ is seen as the ideal. But it does not give an excuse for humiliating people because of the weight they carry (or don’t carry) on them.