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Amber’s Diary: Captain America, Cars & Kids parties!

Let’s face it, my life is never ‘normal’ – in the best way possible! It’s been a completely hectic few weeks, hence why this is a late fortnights-worth of diaries crammed into one! I’ve chosen a few of the highlights of the past 2 weeks to share with you, which includes getting stuck in at my new weekend job hosting kids parties, finally getting my new car and walking round Glasgow dressed in a (very tight) Captain America costume….

Amber’s Diary: Birthdays, bonds and the Broadchurch bug!

It feels like it’s only been about 2 months since my 21st… but apparently it’s been a year! This week it was my 22nd birthday (a day I’ve waited for since I was a wee girl just so I could say I was “22 on the 22nd”)! and after not planning any celebrations, a suitable fuss was made! I also gained a LOT of inches onto my hair by getting my luscious long locks back again for summertime in the form of blonde keratin bonds, and I’m finally almost finished series 3 after catching the ‘Broadchurch bug’…

Amber’s Diary – split shifts, spring hair & Sheeran

This week was a funny one. It went slowly at the start but by the end it went so quickly! With so much on as usual this week it was another eventful one, I was covering the travel & co-hosting on the Clyde 1 breakfast show as well as working my usual afternoon slot, decided to take the plunge and dye my hair blonde and saw the one and only Ed Sheeran – an artist I’ve wanted to see live for about 8 years and never had the chance to – even better… I got to meet the man himself!

Amber’s Diary – bouncing, buddies and brand new adventures!

Where is the time going?! Another week, another diary. This week as always was busy busy… or should I say bouncy, bouncy?! I’m jumping all over the place after visiting Glasgow’s biggest trampoline park! I also was reminded of the value of true friendship and I have a brand new adventure that I can’t wait to share with you all…

Amber’s Diary: storytelling, snazzy nails & shopping for cars!

I’ve decided a good way to log memories, keep note of what’s happening in my life and a fun thing to do would be to keep a weekly diary within my blog – and here is the first one!

This week was another busy one for me. On Tuesday I visited Todholm Primary school in Paisley who were holding a Storytelling Festival. It’s a one of a kind festival where the children are read to by visitors, read books themselves and even read to the elderly within the community who are in care homes. It was so lovely to be a part of and it was so well organised. The playground was set up with colourful tents, chairs and rugs to create a festival atmosphere – and there were even Kirspy Kremes (a winner all round!)