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You might have read my last blog about All Eyes on Me  and realised that you need a piece of the action… but maybe Cumbernauld is a little far out for you to get to and you really want fabulous lashes!!! Well worry no more – All Eyes on Me GLASGOW is OPEN! Woohoo! Honestly, Leanne Osborne, the founder, deserves this so much. She works so hard, she’s a mum and she has dedicated so much time to her clients and making them feel a million dollars with new lashes, while opening her own lash bar and training school to teach others the tricks of the lash trade.

Leanne is a total perfectionist! I’ve been lying getting my lashes done and she’s taken time into her lunch break to perfect my ‘fans’ or to add more volume – she knows exactly what her clients want and has taught all of her team to do the same, everyone in there is amazing, so much so that they only went and won Lash Extension Specialist of the Year at the Scottish Hair & Beauty awards 2018… after less than a year in business, and that’s why they deserve this new lash bar and the success that comes with it so much! It was written in the stars for them to lash the full of Glasgow!

I’ve had lash extensions before but never anything like the quality and fullness that I get from All Eyes on Me. Like I have said before, you feel instantly relaxed and at home in the lash bar – and leave feeling super glamorous! I have sensitive eyes and they get a little red on the day of getting my lashes but that’s just me – it never lasts more than 24 hours! Everyone’s different. I started with classic lashes and have now went on to Russians – but which ones are for you?

Classic Lashes

Classics are the most natural looking lash, they are soft and can be suited to your eye and you can have a specific shape and style that will suit you, as every eye is different! If you want a more natural look then definitely go for these -I loved mine although I did find that for me they weren’t as full as I would like, and because the nature of some things that I do like events, and just generally quite liking a heavier eye when going out, I did put on strip lashes while I had the classics (crime!!! Don’t ever do this!) and the glue took a few of my lashes out – sad! Although I loved the classic look, I definitely wanted a heavier, fluffier lash in the style of the strip lashes I was already wearing!

For some people, these will last for 2-3 weeks but for me they lasted just under 2 but then again I did wear strips and it was totally my fault! I loved the natural look and I think these would be perfect for a holiday abroad if you wanted that ‘no make-up’  look!


Russian Lashes

The most glamorous lashes! Great as a one-off for a party or a if you’re like me, every day wear if you love wearing bigger and fuller strip lashes! Russians are definitely for me because even when I wake up on the morning without my max cup on my eyes are so awake and my lashes are so full! It literally is Beyonce “I Woke Up Like This” every morning when you have your lashes on – and it honestly takes me half the time to get ready. I still put eyeshadow and eyeliner on for going out but not as much as I used to before and I just make sure I am very careful removing the make up and use micellar water with cotton pads and buds. It’s important to know that every eye is different in shape and size and the team will work with you to determine the best lashes for your eye so you don’t end up with that ‘lashes falling off your face’ look! The lashes are always so fluffy, curly and long without looking fake – the amount of people that have complimented them is lovely and I’m so happy that more people will get to experience the All Eyes on Me treatment!

My Russian lashes can last me up to 3 weeks! Like I say, I still either do my own make up or get it professionally done heavier and just skip the false lashes part – I just take my make up off carefully but thoroughly and they stay on so well! I get mine topped up every two weeks and occasionally I will think “there’s no way I need these done!” and then when I get them topped up I just notice that new va va voom!! They are amazing for creating a soft glam during the day but smokey glam at night – these are my favourites and I would be lost without them!


And if you’re undecided… or want the best of both worlds… Hybrids!

Hybrid lashes? Come again?! Yes – hybrid lashes are a mixture of classics and russians and create a gorgeous glamorous get subtle look that incorporates all the flutter and flare of a Russian lash yet the more natural look of a classic – hybrids are a beautiful shape and perfect for you to get first if you don’t know what to go for.

You’ll love it in the lash bars, All Eyes on Me say, “We love Zen, as you’ll quickly see with our comforting surroundings, and naps are encouraged – we want you to leave feeling refreshed, fluttering your new fluffy lashes!” and their mantra is for every client to leave feeling a million dollars – it’s just so lovely that they are there to boost your confidence!

There are a few other treatments available such as Lash in a Flash and LVL Lash Lift and you can check them out on their website!

Thank you so much to Leanne and the team at All Eyes on Me Cumbernauld and Glasgow (woop woop!!) – if you want the best lashes get yourself booked in and check them out on Facebook and at

Stay fab-u-lash!

Amber Zoe x


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