World Paw-mination!

I just wanted to write a small review of Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm because oh my god, this balm it’s and actual miracle!! You can use this for pretty much anything, it’s all natural ingredients and it’s so affordable! Using Carica Papaya (PAWPAW), full of antioxidants, minerals and also containing vitamins C + B, the balm helps to aid skin repair, provides anti-inflammatory properties and adds moisture.

I always carry hand cream for keeping my hands moisturised but recently when I was getting my nails filed the cuticles have been dry and cracking or bleeding, so I spoke to my nail tech, Desiree, based in her salon in Kirkintilloch, and she recommended that I try Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm for keeping my cuticles moisturised. I took a tube and couldn’t believe the difference after rubbing it in every day for a week, the moisture is locked in them and they are much healthier!

Desiree also told me that I can use it on dry lips, something that in the winter we all suffer from. I have found Vaseline more of a barrier in the past as opposed to moisturiser and when I tried the Dr. Paw Paw balm I realised that it was really penetrating into my lips and keeping them soft all day – I wear it on it’s own whenever i feel them dry or if I’m going out I’ll put it over my lipstick – a little goes a long way and so the tiniest bit on my finger creates a lovely velvety smooth feel on my lips!

When I read the back of the tube, I realised that this balm is a little miracle that can be used pretty much on any dry or irritated spot on your body! I have used it to seal split ends, on my eyebrows that I got tattooed during the healing process when they were a bit dry and scabby to help heal them and moisturise them, and even on dry elbows, knees and feet! It can be used for dry or cracked heels and even for treating sunburn! It can also be used for inflamed spots or insect bites… And all for under a tenner! A tube of 25ml Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm comes in at only £6.95 and will last months because the smallest little blob really does go the longest way! You can grab yours just now at Desiree’s Salon, I would recommend it to anyone, I never leave the house without it now – it’s always in my handbag!

You can read more online (and see which celebs use it!) at 

Amber Zoe x

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