Say ‘I do’ at Trump Turnberry

On Thursday 4th October I had the pleasure of being invited along to the first ever wedding spectacular at Trump Turnberry, an absolutely stunning and luxurious resort less than 20 miles from Ayr. Being from Glasgow, it’s far enough away to feel like you’re on a luxury mini-break clearing the cobwebs, but close enough to drive for even a day-break at the stunning spa or for dinner or afternoon tea in the restaurant or grand tea lounge. The Trump Turnberry hotel and spa stands proudly on a hill overlooking the stunning views of Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran  and it is just breathtaking. What a stunning part of the world. I decided to take my mum for a break and to see just what Trump Turnberry had to offer (and let me tell you, I now have my sights set on getting married there!)…

When we arrived and parked the car, we walked down the stairs into the courtyard where the large Roman chariot Turnberry fountain proudly stands. With it’s grand features, it’s the first thing that catches your eye, and what a splendid sight it is. As we approach the door, the doormen (dressed in traditional Scottish kilts!) offered to take our luggage. After check-in, walking up the plush carpeted staircase with polished banisters under crystal chandeliers glowing and sparkling to welcome us, we found our room. On opening the heavy door, natural daylight from the room flooded the hallway behind us and enticed us in.

Entering the room, we were greeted by a grand deluxe king size bed, the dark brown leather bed and headboard bordered with shiny wood and spiralling gold designs, a bed fit for royalty. The chest of drawers stands with the same design, providing the perfect stand for the cinematic curve television, and the stunning bay window lights up the room, sunlight falling on the bed, drawers, desk, armchair and lamps alike. Two Turnberry gift bags sat on the desk next to the phone, and as we walked over saw that they were full of goodies. We were each given a Turnberry wine glass, three products from Arran, Sense of Scotland (formerly Arran Aromatics) and some beautifully detailed brochures of weddings at the Trump Turnberry resort. In front of the bags, a beautiful arrangement of three dusty pink roses sat, with a note from Lorraine Wood Flowers, who was providing the flowers for the spectacular event. As we explored the room more, we noticed a stand next to the armchair with a little bag of popcorn, delicately tied with a tartan ribbon, and two little bottles of Trump Sparkling wine, along with an envelope with two Trump Turnberry keyrings inside it. On looking beyond the desk with the gift bags and the phone, our room had the most picture-perfect view of the golf Clubhouse, the Lighthouse (a hugely famous landmark I will speak of later), Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran. It was the most beautiful view. A grand wardrobe stood next to the bed, complete with ironing board and iron, hangers and a safe.

We had already popped open the champagne and started getting our make up on before realising we hadn’t even looked for the toilet! Heading back towards the door, I opened the door expecting a pleasant bathroom but nothing like the sight that met my eyes… shiny stone-coloured marble filled the bathroom from floor to halfway up the wall, where a cream ledge separated the marble with the cream coloured wall. The first thing I saw was the deep, luxurious free standing bath, with brass taps and shower head placed over them like an old rotary dial phone. A white bath mat delicately sat over the edge of the tub. I had a bath later that night with the Trump bath bubbles and it was by far the best smelling bath I have ever had, and the deepest bath I’ve ever sat in.. it was simply magnificent.

A large mirror was in the centre of the bathroom, underneath which was a round sink in the middle of a marble-topped cupboard for toiletries and towels. A cream flower floated in a round glass of water underneath another round mirror with illuminating light (great for selfies!) and a gold tissue box sat at the other side. Two robes hung behind the door, and a gold towel rail warmed two fluffy bath towels. Two clouded doors (like very fancy cubicles) stood next to a little white marble and gold table with face cloths and toiletries resting on it. Inside the first door was a toilet and inside the second was a large gold power shower.

My mum and I got ourselves ready while drinking our sparking wine and headed down for half past four when the wedding spectacular would begin. We met with lots of the other guests in the reception, and we were taken in Trump Turnberry cars down to the Lighthouse, which is arguably the most photographed golfing spot in Scotland (closely followed by the bridge at St Andrews Old Course). It is commonly known as the ‘halfway house’ as it is halfway round the gold course for the players, and has recently been refurbished as a ‘honeymoon suite’ or bridal area for the bride and bridal party to stay in the night before the wedding… it is absolutely stunning and the views of the Isle of Arran are out of this world. The decor in the hotel and the Lighthouse is very similar, with polished wood and gold trimmings, plush carpets and chandeliers sparkling and creates a rich and luxurious atmosphere to stay in and makes you feel instantly like a queen! We were treated to prosecco and canapés including miniature steak pies, fish and chips and pastries, and a string quartet played upstairs in one of the bedroom. It had started to get really blustery outside and the waves were crashing against the rocks and the skies looming over the lighthouse were dark grey, the heavens waiting to open. The clouds had decided that this evening, Ailsa Craig and the Isle of Arran were all theirs and had hidden them under the security blanket of thick clouds, and with that, we all headed back up to the hotel.

Walking on the red carpet back into the grand hotel, we were shown through to the Donald J. Trump Ballroom, the most magnificent ballroom of them all. Lorraine Wood flowers greet us at the French doors of the ballroom, with the table plan on a large screen in between them. As we walked through the floor-to-ceiling windows were the first thing that caught my eye, again looking over the sea, closely followed by the eight magnificent chandeliers, sparkling and twinkling. The mirrors on the walls at the back of the ballroom make the room look like there are a hundred more chandeliers because of the light reflecting. Despite the weather outside, the room was pleasantly filled with daylight, and complimented so stunningly with the glow from the chandeliers and the magenta moonlights in each corner of the ballroom. The room is opulent and completely breathtaking, and even though there were only 50 of us and it accommodates over 100, the tables were set out so perfectly that the room felt full, it was simply splendid. The centrepieces of glass vases with greenery and cream flowers complimented the decor of the room so fantastically, and the glow from the candles on the tables in shiny glass stands floating on water helped establish a soft, inviting light. On the stage, two huge maybe stands hold grand gold vases filled with cream flowers, and a cream couch sits with plush cushions. Curtains drape over every floor length window, and it reminds me of none other than Cinderella’s ballroom.

We were treated to a fashion show of stunning wedding dresses, ballroom dancing and a harp performance before were enjoyed a delicious three course meal of smoked & cured salmon, Scotch fillet of beef and then chocolate orange marquise. We were told by the chefs that Trump Turnberry use local produce, including meat, eggs and vegetables from local farms, which is so authentic and impressive in such a large hotel under the President of America’s name. To know local Ayrshire and Scottish produce is used made me feel even more warmth towards the resort.

After dinner, we were treated to a spectacular fireworks display out on the terrace, the perfect way to end our night.

The next morning, my mum and I woke up to beautiful sunlight in the room, it was a wonderful start to the morning. We got ready and headed down to the restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast was continental or hot, and I went for the full Turnberry Grill, including sausages, bacon, eggs, potato scone and haggis. In the stunning room with bay windows overlooking the Ailsa Craig and Arran, breakfast felt even more pleasant. It was relaxing and simply beautiful.

After breakfast we went to the Spa at Turnberry for a back, neck and shoulders treatment and some relaxation. On walking into the spa we were greeted once again with a huge chandelier above the reception and marble floors. Once we were changed into our swimmer and robes, we went through to the pool area and it was just what we needed. Spending our Friday relaxing on a wooden lounger overlooking a beautiful Ayrshire coastline in the sunshine, especially in early October, is unusual for us and was just the perfect way to spend the day. Sipping on ice cold water, occasionally dipping in the pool or sitting in the warm, bubbling jacuzzi rejuvenated our souls and made us feel totally relaxed.


Approaching treatment time, we walked through to the area with sauna and steam room and waited in the dark room with dimly glowing lights, relaxing music and scents of sandalwood and Arran, Sense of Scotland ‘After the Rain’ diffusers. We were called through for our treatments, the beds warm and towels fluffy, oils awakening yet relaxing at the same time, and as our muscles were treated to a massage our senses came alive and we felt completely relaxed. The spa was a spectacular experience and a great way to finish our stay.

Before we went home, we had an afternoon tea stand which included fruit cake, scones, various sandwiches and rolls and the more beautiful, light and sweet hazelnut puff I had ever had, in fact – I’ve never tried anything like it, it was unbelievable. The afternoon tea was wonderful and the perfect treat after spending two hours lounging in the spa. The tea trolley that comes around offers traditional Turnberry blend breakfast tea along with many different kinds of fruit teas, herbal teas and sweet teas, I tried the cinnamon one and was pleasantly surprised. Each person also gets their own little tea egg timer so we know exactly when it is brewed to perfection.

I couldn’t recommend Trump Turnberry enough – I am desperate to go back. I would urge that even if you aren’t going to stay, at least go for a spa day with an afternoon tea or even for a meal, it is such a beautiful resort with everything right under your nose, and of course if you fancy a round of golf, it is one of Scotland’s most luxurious golf resorts. It was simply stunning and I would like to thank the staff at Trump Turnberry and the fabulous team at Beattie Communications for having my mum and I, we had the most amazing stay.



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