Show us yer teeth!

As soon as I walked into the cosy little salon, I was greeted by the brightest, widest smile on the prettiest face! It was Danielle, founder and owner of La Belle Blanc Smile Clinic. She instantly asked how I was and made me feel so comfortable, handing me a form to fill out and telling me about the treatment. This was my first time getting my teeth whitened, and I was really excited!

After wanting my teeth whitened for months but being reluctant or not sure about it, I came across La Belle Blanc Smile Clinic in Uddingston on Instagram, and the pictures looked amazing! I quickly searched on Facebook and instantly saw the most amazing reviews, so I thought I would give them a wee message. I messaged on Insta and was seriously so surprised at the amazing price, it was such a good deal!

I booked in and went along to my appointment. The salon was easy to find on the Main Street in Uddingston and there was plenty of street parking. Danielle made me feel at home and was so attentive to the three clients finishing up their treatments as well as the two that were waiting to start with me.

Danielle explained that this is completely pain-free, which was something I was initially worried about as so many people I know that have had their teeth whitened tell me about heightened sensitivity, shooting pains and shivering! But I was reassured that it was a process completed using only gel and a laser and takes roughly an hour and a half. It’s important to know that because this treatment is a completely non-peroxide cosmetic process, the whitening will not damage your own teeth and won’t cause any pain, even for someone like me who has sensitive teeth!

I never felt any pain or discomfort, and Danielle was so friendly throughout. After my first treatment I noticed results right away where the gel and the laser had completely cleaned the stains off of my teeth!

I love this method of whitening as it doesn’t involve moulds or peroxide and is completely natural and doesn’t damage enamel. I am booking in for my second treatment very soon and can’t wait to see if they come up even brighter!

After the whitening, I had to follow a ‘white diet’ for 48 hours which is basically what it says on the tin, you avoid tea, coffee, strawberries, chocolate… you get it, anything coloured or that will stain your teeth! I could eat things like rice, pasta, chicken without sauce or white sauce, water and anything white to be honest! It’s worth following otherwise you will reverse the traetment on your teeth and cause staining, and of course you don’t want that!

If you fancy getting your teeth whitened pain-free you should pop along. Danielle is amazing and the place is just beautiful, I can’t wait to go back for my second treatment to make my smile even whiter!

Amber Zoe x

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