Why you need wide leg trousers in your life

As the Meghan Markle craze continues to sweep over us, one thing that has us all wanting to be her is that wardrobe! From classy knee-length dresses (probs the only length you’re allowed to wear as a royal) to French berets, everything she wears, we want. Her style is timeless and she has an aura of effortless class with every fresh look. Something she has been wearing a lot recently are wide leg trousers, even wearing them on her recent visit to Edinburgh with her husband-to-be.

A must-have this spring, these trousers create a gorgeous silhouette and are really flattering on every body shape. For one, I am petite at 5ft2 (and three quarters!) and never thought a shorter girl like me could get away with an extra wide trouser leg, yet I was so wrong! Because of the way the waist pulls in and the way the leg flares out and down to the ground, the style actually makes my legs appear longer. 

I have recently bought two pairs from Aleena’s Boutique, situated in the Forge Inshops in Parkhead and is well worth a visit to find some stunning, unusual pieces at brilliant prices! The first pair I bought are black and the second pair and bright green, such a statement colour for spring!

The great thing about these trousers is that they have elastic at the waist so are super stretchy and they can be styled in so many ways. Naturally, I would have picked up a bralet or lace bodysuit to team up with the trousers because they are wide leg, the tight fit up top will create a flattering look, which I probably will do when I wear them again. But instead, in this first look I have ventured away from my usual bodycon safety zone to try the ‘oversized’ trend – something that admittedly has scared me in the past because I was scared it would hide my small frame and make me look bigger, but I actually really love it, and with a belt, your waist can be pulled in to look smaller.

Jumper is £27
Trousers are £22
Aleena’s Boutique

This first look is my black wide leg trousers with this stunning grey jumper with statement faux fur sleeves. Like I was saying, oversized was never really my thing but as soon as I saw this jumper in the boutique I knew I had to have it and style it with the trousers which is perfect for lunch and drinks in the city. The belt and bold orange bag are from River Island, and the belt completes the look by pulling in my waist and the trousers make my legs appear longer! I wore high-heeled boots with this look purely because it was a miserable day in Glasgow as usual!


Bodysuit is £20
Trousers are £22
Aleena’s Boutique

The second look combines a fitted frilly-sleeved white bodysuit from Aleena’s with bright, bold emerald green wide leg trousers. These trousers are perfect for going out for drinks, going to a wedding or even for when you have that occasion where you want to dress nice and smart, but you can’t quite find that ‘jeans and a nice top’ look. Again, I love this look and because of the bright colours it’s great for this time of the year, especially living in Glasgow where skirts and dresses with no tights are sometimes a no-go because of the temperatures! Get yours at Aleena’s for under £50!

The second look is probably more ‘me’ because of the fitted bodysuit, it really is my go-to safety style to wear something tight-fitting, but I probably love the first look a tiny bit more just because it’s so different and I just adore the black trousers with the fluffy sleeves! On saying that, the bodysuit from the second look will be gorgeous in the summer with a skirt and the trousers are that perfect statement I need in my wardrobe.

So no matter what style, size, or shape you define yourself as then wide leg trousers are something that you need in your wardrobe. They can be styled with cute little jumpers, something a lot fancier with sequins and embellishments or something plain and simple – whatever you feel comfortable in, these will accentuate your legs in the best way possible!

Amber Zoe x

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