Fit for February! Five Fun Ways to Get Fit in Glasgow

If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to “get fitter” like so many of us, but you’ve not quite managed to stick to that promising gym schedule you made at the start of January (hollllaaaaaaa, I hear ya), or if the thought of a gym scares, intimidates or what’s more likely bores you, then here are some alternative ways to keep fit and more importantly have fun around Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

Let’s face it, we all want to make a healthier change to our lives, and exercise definitely makes me feel better about the amount of McDonald’s I eat a month! Hopefully some of these ways to burn those extra calories appeal to you more than a gym environment if you just can’t stand machines, gym classes or standing next to someone who looks like an insta-worthy squatter when you can barely lift the bar on it’s own (me!)…

Ultimate Pole Fitness

My first choice is Ultimate Pole Fitness (UPF), and I go here, yay! It’s such a fun way to keep fit and Maddie, the instructor is a positive ray of sunshine who makes you feel like you’re good at everything, even when you can barely lift yourself off the ground on the pole during your first few lessons! She really believes in every single one of her students and gets to know you all so well, she honestly never forgets what you’ve been up to and your interests which really makes a huge difference going to a class where you feel you have a friend as well as a teacher and motivator!

The classes take place on Bothwell Street in Beat Theory Fitness where UPF have their own studio, complete with floor-to-ceiling mirrors and six poles, which brings me to my next point; classes are kept very small to ensure one-to-one training. I love this aspect because you can really focus on what you’re working on that week when there are only a few of you there.

UPF studios, photo credit:

What I love about UPF is that it’s not pole dancing, so no seven inch stilettos involved! It’s pole fitness to improve overall strength in the likes of your core and arms. The motto of UPF is “we aim to take away the stigma associated with poles by creating classes which are 100% fitness!” I love this so much, and I have so much fun! Each move is learned and perfected and builds on your body strength. The classes are for women of all shapes and sizes (some classes for men are available too) and everyone becomes friends and chats to each other in classes. Classes also include about 30 minutes of reps at the start from push-ups to planks which really build on your overall fitness and strength! What I was worried about at the start was, “what if I am at a class and someone is fitter than me doing the reps, are on the pole upside down doing all sorts of moves and I can’t do it properly and they laugh at me?” which was so silly to think because everyone is there for their own reasons, working at their own pace. And most importantly everyone is so nice and an amazing support to each other. Most of the classes run at night and also on Thursday and Friday mornings.

Classes are £35 per month for one class a week, or an extra tenner for two classes a week, so worth it!

Want to find out more?


Yogabodi (Hot Yoga Cumbernauld)

Based in Cumbernauld, these hot yoga classes are a must if you want to challenge yourself yet feel refreshed, fitter and more flexible!

All of the teachers specialise in different areas but have one thing in common, a passion for yoga. On their website, they say that, “Yoga is for everybody, every age, shape and size! Beginning a yoga practice is the best thing you will ever do for your mind and body.” I totally believe this! If you’ve never tried it, you have to give it a go. Like I said before, it’s always my worry that I will go to a class and people will look better, be better or I will look silly but this is never the case, and because yoga is so spiritual, you really connect with your own body and can work to your pace.

There are many kinds of yoga available, such as Pregnancy yoga, Yoga cardio HIIT, Yogabodi Sculpt and Tone, Absolute Hot Yoga and Wind Down Yoga – so many to choose from!

The hot yoga has health benefits such as better circulation, strengthening heart contractions, improves flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling cleansed and rejuvenated! It’s also great cardio, and the heat detoxifies you and simulates fat receptors, facilitating fat loss – what’s not to LOVE?! It boosts metabolism too and this is all done by the strengthening movements practised in the Far infrared heat.

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I have been really wanting to try these classes for a while as they are based in my local area, but I’ve never got round to trying them due to work and living with my boyfriend in Glasgow most of the week, but I think I’ll wait until my gym membership runs out (that I never use!) and give them a go. I can see me becoming a regular member, it’s something that has always appealed to me and I want to get into yoga so much more this year! The health benefits are endless, a combination of movement, breathing and finding inner strength.

They have a fab offer on of £25 for 5 classes for new students – how amazing is that?! Fancy it? Check them out here:


Flip Fit

Taking place at the World’s largest trampoline arena, Flip Out in Rutherglen, Flip Fit is a really unique way to burn calories while having fun and totally embracing your inner child at the same time!

These classes promise to, “increase your flexibility and balance with a unique blend of exercises from trampolining, stunt boxes and gymnastics, all led by a trained instructor in a safe, friendly environment.”

Set within the bounce-tastic arena, it’s a great oppirtunity to go with a friend or alone and meet new people and stay active, allowing yourself to de-stress while bouncing, because let’s be honest – have you ever seen someone sad on a trampoline? Bouncing on them makes me smile instantly, and so through one of these classes you’ll feel happier as well as getting that heart rate up!

This is the best part… you can burn up to 1000 calories per session! It’s crazy! That’s roughly half of your daily intake, so think of the weight you could lose! I also love that feeling of coming off the trampoline with jelly legs and still feeling like I’m bouncing as I walk along the road!

Photo credit:

Flip Out is such a cool arena and I’ve been a few times to have fun and bounce around, so I definitely want to try these classes, if you check out their Facebook there are some videos and it looks so much fun, there are even beginner and intermediate classes!

At only £7 per class it is a total bargain! So get in touch today!



One of Scotland’s leading dance schools in Glasgow for Latin and Ballroom dancing, Dance2Inspire offers lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced and also for special occasions such as first dances at weddings. I’ve been lucky enough to work with two of the competitive dancers from the classes, Donna and Marcus last year when Grant from Clyde 1’s Home run and I took part in Strictly for Cash for Kids, dancing the salsa!

Our rehearsals were jam-packed and intense and some nights we left sweating, but it was so much fun and you’re left with a feeling of accomplishment and heaps more energy! I would recommend learning ballroom or latin as a new skill. I definitely felt fitter in only a couple of weeks and most importantly it was great fun.

The coaches say, “you will learn to dance 6 Ballroom and Latin dances over the course of 12 weeks so you can dance with confidence around the floor. You will learn in a fun and friendly environment where you will meet new people. No previous experience required so come along and have fun.” Sounds like an exciting and new challenge for you? It was brilliant when I did it! A fun and exciting way to burn calories and what’s even better, learn a new skill!

Grant and I being casual

Two of the trainers are the World DanceSport Federation number 1 English couple, Bas and Jennifer, representing the country at World and European Championships

Based in Whiteinch and Toryglen, the classes run all week and anyone can take part, from children to adult. They also offer one-to-one tuition. Just get in touch!



So if you love dance tunes (or if you’re from Glasgow and you love the GBX), adore a night out and you also want to get fit – this is SO for you!!

You may have heard of this unique was to burn those calories, and it’s an idea that’s always appealed to me, but like so many of you I’ve just never been brave enough to go and try it on my own! But this is the year I really want to just push myself and do it, it’s Clubbercise!

Launched in 2014 – so still very new – Clubbercise is a mix of simple aerobics, toning and club/street dance moves with various impact options to suit each individual, so high or low choices! This is something that will suit everyone so you can go at your own pace, and let me tell you what caught my eye – the music! It’s a mix of 90’s classic dance tunes to the very latest floorfillers in the clubs just now!! And to top it off even more, it’s not your usual exercise class… each class takes place with the main lights out, the disco lights on and glowsticks which not only make you feel like you’re raving at a night out, but give you an extra wee arm workout – yaaasss!! It would make me work so much harder to see my glow sticks creating crazy patterns in the air!

Photo credit:

The great thing about Clubbercise is it also offers classes for families where you can get fitter together and is particularly good if you have trouble getting childcare as I know so many of you do, so you can take the wee ones with you and get your party on! Kids have to be 7+ but it’s a mix of different dance tunes and a fun way to get fit with each other, you could even set up wee competitions! They run under 13 classes for kids to get fit and creative while meeting new friends, form age 7, and songs are all kids favourite dance and pop hits and there are also under 18 classes from the age of 13 which incorporates teenage tunes and urban moves. I think it’s such an amazing idea and something I would be so up for and would have loved when I was younger! Imagine coming home from school at that age you’re too young to go out clubbing but you feel too old to be doing things you did a few years ago, Clubbercise would be perfect to have fun with friends and of course stay fit.

A great option for all fitness levels, old and young, and you can burn up to 600 calories in one class – sign me up!

Their website is really easy to use to find your local class, I’ve already sourced mine! I can’t wait to try it. It brings a night out to your workout and looks so much fun!


Get that SWEAT on!

Amber Zoe x

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