What to keep in your Emergency Winter Car Kit

Wow! What a day and night on the roads around Glasgow and the West. Today at Clyde 1 we were inundated with calls from you all telling us of roads that were closed, icy, snowy, slippy and everything else in between! So thank you for that. As much as I have access to lots of travel information around our local areas which includes maps, data and cameras to build up a picture of what is happening round Glasgow and the West, it’s impossible to stay on top of every single road and especially on days like today because of the sheer number of problems on roads that are usually running well or that are very small. So I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting Grant and I know what was happening this afternoon as well as telling George and Cassi this morning, your calls and tweets really help to piece that big travel jigsaw together! The thing is with Glasgow roads is that there are so many main roads and motorways that it gets busy on a ‘normal’ day, and when one thing happens, for example, an accident, it’s the domino effect and that will affect roads around the accident, which then affects roads around those roads, and so on. So when the snow is affecting many areas it’s basically like that effect times one million (or it feels that way!). I could see that there were many cars abandoned and a lot of cars stuck for hours, so I think it is vital to have an emergency winter car kit that you keep through the winter months – or perhaps all year round, as we never know the kind of weather we are going to have here in Scotland!! 5 seasons in one day and all! Here are some ideas of what you can put in your winter car kit…

Emergency Winter Car Kit

A jumper

For obvious reasons. If you get stuck or have to abandon your car (somewhere safe of course, if you can) or if you breakdown, an extra layer will keep you cosy. I sometimes keep Christmas jumpers in my car just to spread the festive joy all year round…

A blanket

Again if you need to walk somewhere, get stuck in the car for a while or if the heating fails, a blanket will always warm you up! P.S. My dog does not come with the blanket but she loves a wee blanket more than anyone so enjoy the pic!

A flask of something hot

Fill it before you leave the house or work and keep it in the car for your journey to keep you warm though the winter months. I have a Wellness Bottle which is double insulated and keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours (and col drinks ice-cold for 24 FYI… if you want one for the summer, not that we get much of a summer, or for holidays). I picked it up in TK Maxx for £7.99 which is HALF the retail price – they come in cool colours too, bargain!!


Pick them up in Primark and get yourself some thermal tops or even long Johns and pop them in your winter kit in the car, because again, these will be a life saver in an emergency winter situation that might arise in the icy and snowy conditions! I only discovered thermals this year and they are literally my life now. 22 going on 80!

Hat, scarf and GLOVES

I have capitalised gloves because without them your fingers go numb and literally feel like wee frozen carrots that are about to fall off!! You know that way when you really wish you’d brought gloves but forgot? Can you imagine breaking down, or having to leave your car at work and walk somewhere in the bitter cold not having gloves? Always have a spare pair in the car. Also a wooly hat will keep your head warm (V important for trapping in heat, kind of like my Wellness Bottle does) and it’ll cosy up your ears. A scarf too, because you don’t want a chilly neck! You can also put in a matching set so you are not only cosy but you look like a fashion queen or king too!


You can buy foldable snow shovels in Halfords, a handy little tool that could get you out of a very icy situation!

Ice scraper and de-icer

Scrap that debit card, store card or whatever other card you’re using – you need an ice scraper! Pick one up and keep it in the car. Also having proper de-icer really helps, as if you’re one of those people who use hot water on your windscreen – eeeeeeek I hope you’re not – then please stop because the hot water can weaken the glass and cause it to break!

A torch

In case it’s dark or in case you need to see something up close such as changing a tyre. A torch is just always handy! Also make sure you have batteries. I know we all have phones now with torches and it’s not 1996 but that brings me to my next point…


I picked one up for about a fiver in MenKind and it’s called a credit card power bank, it’s basically the size and width of a credit card but holds 12 hours of charge! You can pick them up on Amazon for really cheap! Charge it up and thank me later!

Food (nonperishable obv!)

I always keep emergency food because I just love to eat but that’s a totally different story! You should keep food in your car like crisps, chocolate (for energy as well as pleasure….), granola or cereal bars and maybe something like dried fruit and nuts. In case of emergency this might come in handy! You may not be in walking distance from a McDonald’s!

Snow Boots

For walking in the snow these little godsends are what you need! When my mum first bought me a pair I was like, “I’m NOT wearing THOSE!” I thought they made me look like a Tweenie. But in the snow those fur lined, thick-soled, chunky, waterproof, cold proof, snow proof boots are LIFE! You need a pair in your car pronto.

Thick Socks

Again, for warmth, comfort and joy! And extra cosy under snow boots.

A waterproof jacket or parka

I know a lot of people say that driving in a big jacket restricts them but if you have one in your car you can easily take it off to drive, and if you keep it in your car over winter it’s always going to be there in an emergency situation. You’re not gonna miss me in the snow in this!!!

A high-vis vest

So you can be safe and be seen at the side of the road. You can buy these cheaply in supermarkets, local tool shops and designated car stores! Cassi, Grant and I are not included with the high-vis… but this picture makes me smile!

If you can think of anything else get in touch on Facebook or Twitter @imamberzoe and let me know what you keep in your car over winter.

Keep Smiling – and stay safe on the roads!

Amber Zoe x



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