Amber’s Diary – split shifts, spring hair & Sheeran

This week was a funny one. It went slowly at the start but by the end it went so quickly! With so much on as usual this week it was another eventful one, I was covering the travel & co-hosting on the Clyde 1 breakfast show as well as working my usual afternoon slot, decided to take the plunge and dye my hair blonde and saw the one and only Ed Sheeran – an artist I’ve wanted to see live for about 8 years and never had the chance to – even better… I got to meet the man himself!

Split Shifts

This week I’ve been writing and reading the travel and co-hosting on the Clyde 1 breakfast show 6-10am while the usual presenter, Cassi is on holiday, as well as on the afternoon slot 3-7pm. So after two years of covering for Cassi when she’s off, I think I’ve finally mastered the double shift! I used to do it all wrong. I’d force myself out of a usual routine and try and sleep as early as I could about 8:30/9pm and if I couldn’t sleep I would panic I wouldn’t get enough hours. I would have breakfast in the form of a cereal bar at 4am, need my lunch by 10am and crave all the wrong things like McDonald’s and Subway, stay in the office between 10am and 3pm and walk across to the shops for lunch, a wander, maybe get a day pass for the gym… I would then sleep in the back of my car or grab a nap in a spare meeting room, but usually I would sleep in my car.

This time however, I let my body tell me what I needed and it worked wonders. I went to sleep when I was tired instead of psychologically making myself feel bad because I was so scared I wouldn’t get as many hours sleep as I required.  Some nights I would sleep for half past 10, some 11, and one night it wasn’t till after 12 – but my body was tired and my sleep was deep. I got up in the morning at 4-4:15am (depending if I was having a shower that early or not!! Sorry to anyone working with me at the time in the morning!), got ready and left for work. At around 7am I would have a banana – the slow releasing energy and natural sugars left me feeling satisfied and full. Once the show was done at 10am I would drive the 40 minute journey home and make a bigger brunch like lean pork sausages or poached eggs with wholegrain toast and fruit. Around 12 I would go for a nap for about an hour and a half to re-charge my batteries, and most of the time apart from one day I woke up feeling refreshed! I would then have a quick wash, change into different clothes and head to work again for the afternoon show with Grant, making it feel like another day. I was bright, cheery and bubbly as always and never felt tired. If I was hungry in work I would have an apple or fruit to snack on then get home and have a big, main meal like spaghetti bolognese or enchiladas. I would watch TV, chill out and then when I felt tired go to bed. It was a great week and so much fun!

I was woking with Greigsy who is usually on 10am-2pm but was covering the breakfast show too. We had so much fun and it was a brilliant week on double shifts! So many people asked me how I could stay so happy and positive despite being in the same office twice in one day – but I love my job!

Here we are in the studio taking over the breakfast show Snapchat…

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.09.10.png

Spring Hair

I totally did it – I took the plunge and went BLONDE!

It’s a kind of mix of shades of blonde but I just love it. I’ve been glossy dark, long, had a fringe, layers, baylage, blonde and short, blonde and long, super blonde, really black, red… you get me? I change my hair a lot! And because it’s coming in to spring I thought ‘why not go blonde!?’ or at least a little lighter to match the lighter mornings and nights.

I can honestly say that because of the tone of my skin and the colour of my eyes I feel very lucky that I suit a lot of hair colours but this one is a favourite of mine and I left the salon feeling amazing! I will alway shave a soft spot for my dark locks because it’s more natural for me but I’m feeling fresh with this new ‘do! Who know’s what my next hairstyle will be?!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 14.52.01.png


Ah, Ed. My absolute musical love since 2009. I’ve always wanted to see him live and I was incredibly lucky to get 2 tickets to see him at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow. I’m keeping this part short and sweet and simple, a bit like him. No fancy show, just Ed and his guitar and loop pedal and his incredible voice belting out amazing tunes. I enjoyed watching him and seeing him live but being honest I could’ve also lay down and shut my eyes (in a good way!) as his voice is so soothing. As much as I loved seeing him live, what I was most excited about was meeting the man himself backstage! *EMOJI WITH LOVE HEART EYES*!!! He’s so nice, down to earth and genuine. He was doing an interview with Callum Gallacher from the Evening Show and it was great to go along and see him. He spoke to us about loving being back on tour, being in Scotland and wanting to write a movie soundtrack! I don’t think I’ve ever spent an Easter Sunday so well before!

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.08.21

My weeks are always crazy busy – I can’t wait to share what I get up to next week!

Keep Smiling 🙂

Amber x

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