Amber’s Diary – bouncing, buddies and brand new adventures!

Where is the time going?! Another week, another diary. This week as always was busy busy… or should I say bouncy, bouncy?! I’m jumping all over the place after visiting Glasgow’s biggest trampoline park! I also was reminded of the value of true friendship and I have a brand new adventure that I can’t wait to share with you all…

Flip Out

You might have heard of the Australian trampoline company, Flip Out as they have bouncy havens all over the world – and we are so lucky that they have brought one to Glasgow! I visited on Monday this week and then was invited along to the launch party on Sunday in preparation for the grand opening this week. This place really is out of this world and includes an actual Ninja Warrior course! It’s somewhere you have to get down to with your family and friends. I’m not gonna rant about it too much because I’ve already done that in another blog post, I feel it’s so good it deserves it’s own bigger area of my blog (not as big as the 63,000 square ft it covers!) – check out my Flippin’ Fabulous! post for all of the inside chat on the newest and coolest place in Glasgow right now!


The power of friendship

It’s so rare within our busy lives that me and my close group of girls can get a time that we are all free, partly because one lives in New Zealand, two work in hospitality (weekend and evenings FULL!), one is a nurse, one is knee deep in a dissertation for university, one lives in Edinburgh with her boyfriend – and they are all totally loved up! This week was no exception, but three of us managed to meet up one night and it was so lovely. There has been a bit of bad news recently within our friendship group which has really left us feeling deflated, down and completely shocked, but seeing the girls and not speaking about it for one night just showed how much your friends being around you can pick you up when you’re down. We drank prosecco, listened (and sang awfully!) to songs we used to when we were younger and spoke about daft and hilarious things.

It’s so important to keep a close group of friends and recent events have made us all realise that life is just far too short to be anything other than happy. We keep in touch now more than we ever did after we left school and it is so lovely to know that we can all count on each other and will always be there.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 22.17.48.png

At the end of the week, one of my closest friends had some devastating news. Although there is nothing that I can do to help the situation physically, what I CAN do is to be the best friend that I can, reassuring, supporting and loving and letting my friend know that I am always there, no matter what time.

It’s little things like knowing you have friends to count on that make the world a happier place. The power of friendship is a wonderful force and something that everyone should have the beauty of giving and receiving to the maximum potential.

A new adventure

People have always told me that I would be great at children’s tv, children’s shows, and working with children because of my infectious personality and fun-loving outlook on life. Also the fact that I’m just a big kid! It’s something I started to consider but I just didn’t know where to begin…

I’ve always loved working with kids, and at the start of the week my cousin, who runs an events company, asked me if I would be interested in becoming a kids party host and live character (like yes, an ACTUAL princess!). This was like a dream come true because I had been thinking about getting involved in something like this for so long!

Of course I jumped at the chance, and so at weekends I am going to be working with WAS Events (With A Smile) hosting parties and being characters! I am looking forward to hosting adult parties as well and trying my hand at new challenges.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 22.19.59.png

That’s all I can say for now – but I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Looking forward to what next week brings.

Keep Smiling

Amber x

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