Koh Phi Phi Islands in September

Okay, so when I first decided to go to Thailand everyone was saying to me – you HAVE to go to the Koh Phi Phi Islands and visit Maya Bay (where ‘The Beach‘ was filmed in 2000 – no, Leonardo Di Caprio was not there!). I was desperate to go and taste my own little bit of paradise. Unfortunately the first few days I spent in Phuket – as you may have seen from other posts, were wet and miserable and I started to lose hope. So when I woke up on a beautiful clear, sunny day I knew I had to catch the speedboat to the islands that are so famous. And they did not disappoint.

Catching the speedboat from Phuket was easy enough, we just spoke to the rep at our hotel and she sorted us out with transfers and tickets for the whole tour and the buffet lunch included. The speedboat from Phuket out to the Phi Phi islands was about an hour and a half – now, I would say it was a bumpy ride because it WAS in my opinion but according to everyone else and the driver it was a fairly calm day and compared to other days apparently it was nothing – so if you’re not a good sailor, take a sickness tablet! The boat ride over was lovely though, and the breathtaking beauty of the turquoise sea and cobalt sky really made me feel like I was in paradise.

just LOOK at this!

When we first arrived at ‘monkey island’ (pictured above) all of the little monkeys were running around the caves, jumping out and splashing in the water next to the boats! It was really something to be so up close to them. My favourite part though, was the scenery around me. I felt protected by the cliffs and emerald greenery that was growing out of the sides. It was simply stunning and although I had seen pictures before, really seeing it in real life was a spectacle. It’s something you have to do. I an’t say it enough!

The Koh Phi Phi Isle (as pictured in the header photo) was more ‘alive’ than I had imagined, with beach shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes lining the beautiful bay. We heard stories about how lives had been affected by the boxing day 2004 tsunami and how fisherman have re-built their homes on the hills because of the danger of tidal waves in the area. It was interesting to hear a bit of local history, and despite the disaster the island is beautiful 12 years on! Boats lined the little harbour and the water provided the coolness we needed after the heat of the sun beating down on us.

The Thai buffet lunch provided was beautiful, with curry and noodles and spices available to us as well as fruit, water and juice. After eating, we headed for some snorkelling, and saw some beautiful exotic tropical fish in the crystal clear water.

exotic fish at Koh Phi Phi

The best was yet to come though… Maya Bay.

Maya Bay was so beautiful and was my own little safe haven. The warm and soft sand caressed by the rippling ocean, huge towering stacks of stone above us and lush green jungle behind us… it’s a secret little pocket of the world that you have to go and see. To lie in the beauty of the sunshine in  the bay, cool off in the sea, wander through the jungle and watch the sunset are all magical experiences and despite what I’ve heard about going in September, the weather was amazing and the sea was calm! Perhaps we were lucky, but Maya Bay is a little part of Thailand that I can never imagine looking even a slight bit horrible, hail, rain or shine!


Maya Bay and me – you need to see it for yourself!

I am so grateful I got the opportunity to visit the islands and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough! I LOVE MAYA BAY!

Keep Smiling 🙂

Amber  x

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