Supergirl BUNGEE!

Friday the 13th May was Cash for Kids Superhero Day and this year… I was Supergirl! It’s been the busiest week in the run up with my food challenge, but to top off the week I took part in two challenges that pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to face my fears…

The first? A 164ft plunge from the Titan Crane in Clydebank.

And I am terrified of heights…

After feeling like a bag of nerves on the Friday morning (might I add, the ONLY cold, cloudy day we’ve had in May so far AND Friday the 13th – eek!) I was finally weighed, safety briefed and standing at the bottom of the Titan Crane, ready to get the lift up to the very top – bearing in mind I’m only 5ft 2 and three quarters, the crane is a whole lot higher than I am!

I was jumping with a few other people from Radio Clyde and nobody seemed as nervous as I was! I think I questioned the guys from Highland Fling Bungee on safety so much that they were sick of me but they were honestly so reassuring and brilliant at what they do. The standard of safety is amazing and the guys are proper professionals (obvz, but I did ask them a few times “are you sure you’ve done this before?” “is is definitely safe?” “ok so I’m not too small?”…) Sorry guys!

I made it to the top!

After watching my colleagues take the plunge, I knew my time was nearing! It was absolutely freezing up there, I cannot explain (especially in a Supergirl costume!), but standing on the edge of the crane suddenly the coldness of the air left and was replaced by the coldness of fear sweeping over me.

What kept me going and I can honestly say what made me do it was the donations that were coming in for me on my sponsor page – I am so thankful to everyone. I had support at the bottom cheering me on, and I knew I had to do it.

In true Amber fashion, I asked and asked again if it was safe to do so… And with the final thumbs up I was told how to jump properly (hands up, no grabbing onto people and nothing will go wrong!)… it can’t be that hard?!

Then the scariest words came… “Three, two, one… BUNGEE!”

That little person is little me!

Genuinely? The most terrifying experience of my life.

The only way I can describe the free fall at the beginning is “surreal”. The feeling in your tummy you get like when you’re on a rollercoaster going down a steep hill is prolonged and the wind adds to the strange sensation – and the weirdest part is there is nowhere to put your feet!

All I could do was scream! I couldn’t stop.

I was so small I bungeed twice – I was petrified! The feeling of my body totally giving in to the wind, relying on the harness and being totally ‘rag-dolled’ (thrown about like a wee puppet!) through the air made me completely full of fear!

And in a true Amberism, when the guys let down the winch at the end for me to be pulled back up – my hands went numb with cold and I clipped it on to the wrong part of my harness and couldn’t get it off for what was probably about 2 minutes but what felt like 20!  The moment of realisation that you’re hanging over the river clyde when your fears are heights and deep water is terrifying enough, never mind not being able to get back up!

I finally made it and everyone was so supportive.

When I found out at the end of the day we had raised over £56,000 so far for our local children I properly welled up and got emotional knowing I had contributed in some way to this, so thank you to all who have donated! <3

I DID IT! And I’m SO happy

I really feel so proud of myself for doing it and pushing myself but would I do it again?

Definitely not!

It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience though that creates an adrenaline rush so crazy that you will feel knackered afterwards! I personally wouldn’t do it again, but I love a challenge and you totally should consider a bungee if you fancy something a bit different – that completely defies everything you’ve been told as a child like “stay away from the edge!”…

I can’t recommend Highland Fling Bungee Jump Scotland enough – thank you guys <3

Keep Smiling 🙂

Amber x

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