£1 a day food challenge (days 3-5)

So after completing my 5 days living off of £1 per day for Radio Clyde’s Cash for Kids I thought I would give you a little bit more insight into how it affected me.

The idea of this challenge is to promote ‘holiday hunger’ which many children face, when their last hot meal is on the last day of school before summer an their next isn’t until the first day back – it really is so devastating that families have to go through this.

Day 3: This challenge got proper hard by day 3. As a gym lover, I felt my energy levels decreasing highlighting how families in this situation must feel – no energy, hungry and down. My palette was getting so used to the flavours of my soup and pasta that foods getting boring, it wasn’t exciting anymore and I was just craving a McDonald’s. The hardest part about this day was in the office when I felt in need of a sugar rush, and would usually go up to the vending machine and pop out a Galaxy bar or a Boost – but at 85p they were 40p one army budget left for the day and it totally made me realise that not only are these families missing out on exercise, but the enjoyment of food and treats as well! I was really struggling.

Day 4: Crabbit. What a great Glasgow ‘weegie’ word used to describe my foul mood that day. Crabbit basically means snappy and annoyed – not like me on a daily basis – and this os exactly how I was. I was hungry and angry – hangry! I just wanted a cup of tea, some chocolate and weirdly a baked potato and tuna. I then went on to crave cheesy pasta, I was just starving! I felt lethargic and had a headache, and I couldn’t concentrate properly in my work. The screens were blurred, I was annoyed, I needed a good feed, was lacking nutrition and I was really feeling ill. Because I eat so much on a daily basis this was really a challenge for me and my stomach ended up in agony by night time.

Some food I had prepped on the Sunday

Day 5: the final day and I just couldn’t handle porridge anymore – even though that was ALL I had left – no pasta sauce left and no soup, just oats! I had a charity bungee jump that morning (as you do – that’s coming in another post!!) so knew I had to fuel up, so although it was actually easier to eat less that morning because of my nerves, I managed my oats.

It was a long, hungry, tired, horrible week.

I not only lost a few pounds (at 5ft 2 and 45kg, this was not ideal), but I was snappy, I was tired, I missed out on exercise vital for keeping my body healthy and I missed good nutrition.

I am so grateful that I can get back to eating normally again this week (at the weekend I allowed myself a few treats in the form of McDonald’s and Galaxy Ripple! Oh… And a chippy!) but I feel I deserved the treats.

Although if this is how I feel after five days I really feel heartfelt sorry for the family that go through this every day – people are so quick to judge. The holes in socks, trousers too short and ‘shoes not on the latest trend’… Think before you judge. For some families that’s all they have, and putting food on the table for them and their children is FAR more important than the latest iPhone.

Always count your blessings, not your sorrows.

Keep Smiling,

Amber x


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