Sometimes the best way to motivate yourself – or to kick-start your motivation – is to have a good old-fashioned Spring clean! It’s a sunny Monday, mid-April (albeit it’s FREEZING today in Glasgow!) and this morning when I woke up with the sun shining through my blinds, I turned around and looked at the absolute pig-sty that was my room.

After weeks of uni deadlines, split shifts in work and then a week-long birthday celebration (it was my 21st, give me a break!) I noticed that I had completely neglected my own little space.

If you are feeling a bit down at the start of the week, or just in general, sometimes before you can take steps towards being a happier you and clearing the junk from your head, you have to physically remove junk from your surroundings – this includes junk food and drink, but I’ll move on to that in another post. One thing at a time and everything will get done. That is a massive factor for staying on top of your worries.

Physically tidying your own personal space can actually be really therapeutic – and what better time to start than Spring (even if it does look and feel like winter)?! Get rid of things you don’t want – do a good deed at the same time and give them to a local charity shop. If you do that, you’ll feel great knowing you’ve got rid of old things and helped someone else in the process.

It’s key to set goals, and so I have decided to give myself a goal this week to completely get rid of junk and tidy up my own space so that it looks physically great when I step into it – this way you feel happy and you can also get a calmer sleep, waking up with no stress as you stare at the beautiful space you have created for yourself.

If I think about it, a lot of mornings that I wake up and feel a bit sluggish, my room is a mess. When it is bright and clear, it definitely sends signals to your brain to feel the same.

I’ve made a list, which is a great place to start (I LOVE lists!); Monday -Friday, a small section of my room to clean every day, and at the end a good old scrub with overwhelming lemon cleaning products. You might not need a full on 5-day cleaning marathon, but believe me – this room is crying for it!

Just to let you know how the process is going… I started my Monday with the absolute bane of my life that is my ‘shoe cupboard’ (it’s in actual fact an ‘everything cupboard’, with bags, scarves, odd gloves, chewing gum packets, receipts and literally everything else I don’t have space for in my room).

I have a tiny cupboard for the copious amounts of shoes I buy, but I took each pair out individually and got rid of 5 pairs – I still have a ridiculous amount left. I arranged my shoes into categories and then into different coloured boxes and bags so that they look more organised and I feel more organised too.

After completing one task, I could tick that off my to-do list; physically seeing this happen has made me feel better, too.

The rest of the week will be a similar story – with clothes, jewellery, make up, hair products and bags… And the dreaded under the bed tidy-up! But I can’t wait until it’s finished.

It’s definitely something you should try – get some tunes on – my favourite right now is DNCE – Cake By the Ocean, and tidy, organise and sweat (yes – it’s a workout too!)

Happy Spring Cleaning – have the best week.

Keep Smiling!

Little Amber Zoe x

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