After turning 21 on Friday, I feel motivated to try new things. I have finished university for the semester – and hopefully forever!! – and I need new challenges to fill my life; this being the first. When 2016 arrived, my number 1 New Year’s resolution was to start a blog. I am graduating with a degree in English Studies, and I’ve always loved writing (I like to think of myself as a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw) so instead of doing nothing with my degree – because after studying it for 3 years I realised I actually didn’t know what I wanted to do with it – I thought, why not be creative and finally start a blog?! I could talk for Scotland and I love sharing stories about my life, tips on how to help people and most importantly motivate people into being happy, more mindful and healthier.

People always ask me how/why I am so happy and want me to share my passion for positivity with them – and what better way to do it than my very own little space of the internet. I aim to give you giggles, help and hopefully make you feel happier about not only yourself but the world around you.

I’ve been so busy with deadlines for uni and not acted upon my New Year’s resolutions as much as I had wished to, so I think that this is a brilliant way to start my own ‘new year’ – a new age, a new blog and a new challenge!

Hope you LOVE <3

Little Amber Zoe x

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